Privacy Policy

As with all of our products and service, we respect the privacy of our users and never spam, resell or redistribute your personal information.

We recognize that your privacy is important we take measures to ensure that any data we collect from you is safe and not shared without your consent.

Information we collect and how we use it:

We collect information through the use of our services. Some of our services require user registration while others do not.

Cookies - The use of our web site requires cookies. A cookie is small file stored on your PC which the browser send to our servers with each request. We use cookie data to store your session information while you are logged in as a registered user, or to track your activity when browsing our site. Cookies help us ensure that users do not abuse our service and helps us provide a customizable interface. Virtually all internet sites utilize cookies, and while you can disable them from your browser, most of our services will not be accessible without them.

Registration Information - When you register as a user we collect various information such as your name, address, billing and payment information and more which we later use to identify you. This information is never shared with any third parties, partners or affiliates.

Access Logs - For the security of our network we log virtually all requests including those listed above (views, clicks, media views, etc) as well as login attempts to our network. The information specific to each log usually includes a remote user's IP address, host name, current time and date and the action performed (ex: login). This information is used to protect the members of our community from fraud and abuse.

Affiliated Sites - We offer several of our services in connection with other sites (such as other domain sites). Personal information you provide to those sites may be sent to Vikeo to provide the service. The affiliated sites may have different privacy policies and we encourage you to read them.

Data Security:

We take appropriate security measures to ensure that any information we collect from you is kept safe. These measures include data encryption, data auditing and physical protection of machines at our facilities.

Data Integrity:

We take reasonable steps to ensure that all data stored and analyzed on our system, especially media views, ad clicks and ad costs are accurate, complete and current. These measures include data auditing by our specialized staff. We heavily rely on users to keep their registration and other information up to date.

Changes to this Policy:

This privacy policy may change from time to time. All registered users will be made aware of privacy policy changes upon logging into their account. Users who are not registered may visit this page for updates to our policy.